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CF-101 Voodoo Late Scheme 1/48

C-119 Boxcar Decal / Resin set 1/72 Scale

T-33 Canada Red/Metal Scheme 1/72 1/48

CF-18 Canada 439 Squadron Tiger Meet

1/72 , 1/48 & 1/32 Scales

F-86 Sabre RCAF #1 Fighter Wing Marville

France 1/32 Scale

CF-5A / D Canada Wrap Around Camo

1/72 Scale 1/48 Scale

F-86 Sabre RCAF Europe

1/72 Scale 1/48 Scale


CF-104 Starfighter Green / Metal

1/48 Scale & 1/32 Scale

C-130 Canada Highest Time Hercs

1/72 Scale


F-86 RCAF Sky Lancers 1/48 Scale

CF-18 Canada 50 Years of NORAD


CF-18 Canada 100 Years Demo Special

1/48 Scale

CF-104 Starfighter Canada 421 Squadron

1/48 Scale


RCAF P-51 Mustangs Part 1

Western Squadrons 1/72 & 1/48 Scales

Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver & NewWestminster

RCAF P-51 Mustangs Part 2

Eastern Squadrons 1/72 & 1/48 Scales

Hamilton, Winnipeg, Rivers MB & London Ontario

F-86 Mk6 Sabre South Africa 1/32

F-86 Canadair Mk5/6 Sabre Stencil 1/32


1/72 C-47 CAF Late Scheme

 1/48 T-33 10,000 hour Kiwi & Red Knights


Below are items currently not available


C-47 Buffalo Airways " Ice Pilots"

F-18 Canada 70 Years RCAF

F-5D Camada Metal / Red Scheme

F-18 Canada Combat Hornets

F-104 Checkerbird Special

F-18B AETE Test Hornet

T-33 Canada Silver Shark

F-86 RCAF Golden Hawks

F-18 Canada Fighter Group

F-86, T-33 & Vampire 401 / 438 Sqdns.

CL-215 / 415 Fire Attack Bombers

F-86 RCAF NATO's Top Guns

C-47 / DC3 Canadian Airlines Pt. 1

H21, H34 (S58) RCAF

T-33 Canada Late Gray Scheme

F-18 Canada Nightmare 01

T-33 Canada CF-18 Scheme

C-130 E/H Late Gray Scheme

F-104 Canada Camo Scheme

Hawkjet Canada

CL-415 Italy

F-18 Canada Proud to be Canadian

F-18 Canada D-Day

C-46 Commando Canadian Pacific

T-33 Canada Black Knight 75th RCAF

T-33 Canada Vu33 Special

Lancaster RCAF Rescue

Harvard RCAF "The Goldilocks"

C-47 / DC3 CP Air

F-18 Canada Hornets 20

Dash 8 Gonzo Blue Scheme

F-18s Camada 410 Sqdn 60 Years

F-18 Canada 80 Years RCAF

F-18 Canada 433 Sqdn Porcupine


F-18 Australia 20 Years Hornet

F-18 Canada 416 Sqdn Lynx 60 Years

Norseman Ear Falls Airways

F-104 Canada 417 Sqdn Special

F-18 Canada Millenium Hornet

F-18 Canada RCAF 75th